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Kaira is a writer of psychological realistic dark fiction.

Her most recent releases include:

  • When She Didn’t Come Home  {Short Story}  2018
  • Dead Like Me  {Short Story}  2018







When secrets begin to smoke, 
it’s not long before they explode.

I can’t even describe how wonderful life was with Brock. I fell in love with him that first day in the health food store. It was actually cute the way he asked for my phone number. We hit it off so well back then. But I was harboring a secret from him, just like he was harboring one from me. I learned about his secret on accident actually, but never had the nerve to bring it up. I just let him live his lie. Maybe I should of left him, but I couldn’t. I had fallen in love with the man; secret, lies and all. 

Claire Landbren’s life was encased in one big secret. As the years went on, she learned to play the game her husband, Brock, chose to play. She watched him closely and learned to pretend well; so well in fact, she even had herself fooled at times.

But little did Brock know. . .

she was about to become the coach,

and HE would soon become . . .

the pawn in his own sick and twisted game.

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“…I know what it’s like to bury a child. I know what it’s like to pick out her favorite dress to wear as she lay cold in her casket. I know the feeling of having to choose my own attire to wear to my child’s funeral. I know the feeling of watching my wife succumb to a heated mess as she picks out her own dress to wear and no matter how hard I try I cannot ease her pain. I know how it feels to have to force myself to breathe for months on end. I will never forget the smell of freshly dug dirt or the smell of freshly cut flowers as I visit my daughters grave. I also know what it’s like to live with trauma that will never go away…”

The thread that held all of us
together had been cut.
We were unraveling … 

Richard and Kate had it all

The perfect marriage, the largest Victorian house in the county and two beautiful daughters, Alexa and Hanna. Life was beautiful and perfect.  But like a ticking clock that lost its time, in a split second, the life they had, unraveled all around them as they buried their beloved Alexa. 

Life was never the same. How could it be? Once you bury a child you lose at life, right? You’re empty, broken, numb and … changed. The death of Alexa changed Hanna, Kate and Richard. 

But what would you do if life wasn’t what you thought it was?

What if you were oblivious to everything happening around you, unaware that what you’re living  is, in fact, . . . Not your reality?

Follow the story of Hanna, Kate & Richard as they hold onto the thread that extends from the life they once knew to the life that is now their reality.

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They made her a priority in their life.
That was their first mistake.