The calm before the storm

It was a gorgeous day as we floated on the river, swimming and laughing; enjoying the moment. I can still feel the feelings from this day as if they just happened yesterday. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And then to watch the sunset as we made our way slowly back to the dock. Priceless.

THOSE are the feelings I cling to from that Summer day.

The memories. The moments. The views. The company. The feeling of feeling like all is complete in life. All is perfect.

All was perfect – just like this picture.

However, this picture says words, silently in my soul that will never be heard. Because this picture was one of the last days where I felt my life was complete.


Life can change without warning.

My life was about to change. The saying holds true, as this was the calm before the storm. As the sunset faded that night, it took with it everything that I knew was my life. Everything that was me slowly faded that Summer evening. It was as if someone knew I needed this very moment, this very photo, to get me through the storm that was brewing. Because over the course of the next few years, the feelings associated with this exact picture, is what would overpower some of the most unbridled moments I thought for sure I’d never make it through……


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