{Excerpt} The Shadows are Falling

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” … I just want to cry. Corbin should be with me. This should be a big milestone in our life together, but here I am alone; moving on alone with a dream we once shared. Making plans for a future with him brings out feelings and tears that are getting harder to conceal. It’s like my heart has been ripped to shreds and here I am trying to piece them all back together perfectly with blurred eyes. Although, I think after all this is over it will never be perfect like it was. It will be a new kind of perfect. One that will be so strong, nothing and no one will be able to come between… “

The Shadows Are Falling


Alaina Shepherd’s luxurious life was transformed into a living nightmare – one that she never saw coming. One that took her on a rampage fumed from the twisted lies of her very own identical twin sister. For seven years, Alaina lay incarcerated in a mental hospital continuously being sedated as she watched her sister deceivingly take over her life.

Now Alaina is free and ready to claim back the life that is rightfully hers. But even though she yearns to have her life back, her hopes and dreams are darkened by the sinister lies of her sister. Alaina clings to the hope that she will be able to convince her once beloved Husband, Corbin, that she is the real Alaina Shepherd.

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