#15 Cheap Home Improvements to do this Summer

Sometimes, as homeowners, we look past the little things that need to be updated. Or we just overall, never get around to getting them done, even though they’ve been on the list of things to do for months. Okay, years!

Home improvements can also be expensive! And if we let certain projects sit to long, it can become costly. Add those costs into your monthly expenses, and it seems overwhelming.

But this Summer, make it a point to complete some of these cheap home improvements from the list.

Your house will thank you!

1. Give your front door a facelift! A fresh coat of paint. Or even choose a new color!

2. Update your exterior house number. Be creative!

3. Update your bathroom backsplash

4. Give your fireplace a makeover. Take off the tile and replace with stone, or vice versa.

5. Install a new doorbell

6. Get rid of your boring closet doors and replace with glass doors

7. Turn the accent wall in your home into a pallet wall

8. Frame your bathroom mirror

9. Give your stairs a makeover. Pinterest has some creative ideas!

10. Paint your garage door to match your front door.

11. Update your ceiling fan

12. Turn an unused closet into a home office

13. Turn upper cabinets in your kitchen into shelving

14. Give your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

15. Update your outdoor light fixtures

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