Mixing Modern with Rustic

This week I’m going to begin prepping the spare bedroom and my office for their makeover. I’ll definitely be taking ‘before’ photos, especially of the spare bedroom. Right now, the bedroom is bright yellow with gray trim. AND … it has my clothesline running from wall to wall because I never dry my clothes in a dryer.

The theme for the spare bedroom is Rustic Modern, just like the rest of the house. I also want to incorporate a small shelving area or dresser for family when they spend the night. It would be nice to have something for them to put their clothes in. Although the room does have two closets. Maybe I’ll just leave one half empty for when they spend the night? And, I need to figure out some form of an indoor clothesline to keep in the room as well.

My office is currently ALL white. The walls and the trim are white. I removed the closest door a few years ago and just recently removed the door to the office. (It was falling apart and had to go). In the office, I have a small makeup area which I’m hoping to keep in the makeover. I definitely don’t need the entire space as an office since my businesses are mostly digital.

I basically want to get started and have the prep work done so when I’m ready to paint the walls, I can just open the paint can and paint. Once the walls and trim are done, I can focus on the FUN part of decorating —-> my favorite part!

The current color scheme for the house is gray, stained pallet and black. The top of the picture below shows the gray color. The bottom picture shows the stained pallet and both photos show the black. (Don’t mind the white outlets. I have something FUN and Rustically original planned for those, but I want to do ALL the outlets in the entire house at the same time).


I’m excited to take you all along! I can’t wait to see my ideas finally coming to life. And … I can’t wait to actually have my home start resembling the feel I’ve always wanted.

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