Guest Bedroom Update {Before pics … oh my!}

It’s been such a busy few weeks. I’ve been trying to edit the video I took of our guest bedroom BEFORE we painted it. It will be quicker if I just post the pics that I took instead.

So here is our guest bedroom BEFORE:


I’m so glad to be painting this room and getting rid of the yellow! You have no idea. 


The first phase …. Get rid of the sections dividers, sand, spackle the walls to give it a little texture, spray paint the windows white, paint the rest of the trim and inside both closets white.



Then … add the primer and FINALLY …. the color! The color I chose for the walls is Dutch Boy 444-4DB. It’s a nice gray-purple look.







What’s next?

Well, I have to add the closet doors back in the room. We’re keeping the bi-fold doors and basically updating them instead of getting rid of them and purchasing new closet doors. They are not in bad shape and since the room is basically a guest bedroom, it will be perfect. And …. I’m doing something with the doors to update them. Wait until you see what I have planned!

The colors of the room are:

TRIM & BORDERS – white.
CEILING – white
WALLS – purple gray
ACCENT COLORS – Silver, glass and some rustic flare.

We are just getting to the FUN part.
I love the decorating.
(Probably a little too much. I come up with WAY too many ideas
to implement into our projects

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