Part 1: So, I used to live in a Haunted House.

I wrote a short story (for the young adult market) years ago, 1485 Glenhearse Drive. This story was written on true events that took place in the haunted house I used to live in. Granted, I had to leave out a lot of things that happened since it was the YA market. (Note: The book has been currently unpublished, but will be republished in a collection soon.) But, I think I’m ready to start talking about EVERYTHING that happened in that house. The good and the bad.

I was always skeptical of spirits and the paranormal, that is, until I moved into this house. Living in a haunted house pretty much changed my view. Plus, I grew curious. I wanted to know more. I became absorbed in the history of the place.

Who was haunting the house?
Who was the spirit?
Wait … that should read —-> Who ARE the Spirits? 
…Yes, there was more than one. 

In fact, I’d be completely comfortable stating there were at least three, if not a few more. But we’ll settle with three since there were multiple witnesses seeing three spirits.

Little side note: I lived in this place on two different occasions. But we’ll start with the events that occurred during my first stay.

It may have had a slight creep factor when I moved in that first time. I mean, the back room had a rectangular hole in the floor with chains hanging from the ceiling that led into the basement. We didn’t go into the basement via the chains, we used the steps located in the dining room. But the basement ( I wish I would of taken pics of this place) … the basement was old. It had the rock walls and three doors that led you through the basement out to the backyard.

One room, however, was pretty intriguing. It had shelves carved into the dirt walls and if you looked up you could see those chains that were hanging from the back room on the main floor. Weird.

Somehow we overlooked all of these strange things. And weird that the landlord didn’t update or you know —-> get rid of the chains? But this little room led right up to that back room via the chains. At this point we didn’t really know the history of the house.

Anywho …. we moved in.

That First Night

I’ll never forget this night. RED FLAG. Hello?

We were sitting in the dining room on the sofa and loveseat. We had boxes to unpack, so this was our temporary bedroom. So as we were sitting there watching television that evening, (it was about 9-10pm), dark outside. Well … we heard a noise. And not just any noise, a strange noise.

We started checking the rooms in the house. The main floor, the upstairs and then eventually went outside to walk around the house with a flashlight. We found nothing. Of course. So we headed right back into the house and got ready for bed. We settled onto the couch and I made the comment:

We never checked the basement.”

We just left it at that and turned out the light. Not even twenty seconds after turning out that light, we heard a massive LOUD crash. We managed to get the light back on and stared in utter disbelief at the basement door, which was now slightly cracked opened. The tower of CD’s that stood in front of the door, well, there were some CD’s and VHS tapes on the floor. And …

The picture that we had hanging on the wall above the TV, was laying on top the entertainment center.

Did we leave after that night?

No. We unpacked over the following weeks.

We sort of let the events of that first evening fade. Until the knocking on the wall started. And then that was followed by the creaking of the stairs. (We never went upstairs by the way. At least not those first few months).

Something did not feel right about the upstairs. But that was just my gut feeling.

To be continued ….. 


Fall 2018 Blog Series – Stay tuned for what happens next!
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