Author updates and a backstory into my upcoming series books

I can’t believe there are only ten days left in October! I’ve been keeping so busy, I rarely know what day I’m on.

Some quick things to note if you don’t get on Facebook much. I have ALL my upcoming eBook covers complete! There are a few that will have paperback covers coming, but for now, you get to see the final front (eBook) covers.

DEAD LIKE ME is set to release in 2018.
SHARING THE SECRET & THE SHADOWS ARE FALLING have 2019 releases planned.

My website is now completely up-to-date on everything. My author re-brand is amazing! I’m loving it! I can’t wait to share with you all the stories I’ve written over the past few years.

The books coming up were written between the years 2010-2016. I held back from publishing these books due to the genre conflict. Hence, the reason for my author re-brand in 2018. Now that the re-brand is complete, I’m ready to roll.

I have been writing and working on the following:

  • SHARING THE SECRETThe Bretwater Family Saga Series
  • THE SHADOWS ARE FALLINGThe Shepherd Family Saga Series
  • DEAD LIKE ME – short story release
  •  ….. other upcoming misc. short stories that currently do not have titles.

Some Background Info.

The Bretwater Family Saga
~ This series has been heartbreaking to write. But I’m glad I’ve been able to tell Korinne’s story. This started out as one novel and VERY quickly turned into three books. I tried to end this series numerous times, but it just keeps going. At this point, there are three books. But seriously, I could see this being more than that. Now I’m just trying to end the first book at a good spot, where I don’t interrupt the story going on in the second book.
~ FYI – The book trailer for this series is Ahhhhhmazing!!!! Seriously cannot wait to share it!!!
~ This series has made me cry. It’s made me angry. It’s made me upset. But all in all, it’s probably one of the best novels I’ve had the honor of writing.

The Shepherd Family Saga
~ I absolutely LOVED writing this story! I had the ending all planned out and as I was writing it, the ending did not go as planned. I ended up making some changes in the manuscript itself. So now I’m currently trying to end the first book the way I originally had planned.
~ It actually started out as a romance novel and honestly, I’m not good at writing a romance LOL! So I twisted the storyline and ended up with … well, you’ll soon see. But scratch all that romance stuff. This book is where I realized writing romance was definitely NOT for me.

~ These just came to me and since they wouldn’t leave my mind, ended up as a manuscript. My goal is to get at least one of these published per month. Working on the short stories is nice when I need a quick break from research or my full-length novels. I can whip out a short story in a matter of hours. Now it’s just deciding on which short story to release when. And not all of them have titles. I just sat down to write the first drafts to get them out of my head. LoL!

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