I’m over the cold already and it’s not even that cold yet.

Overnight it’s supposed to plummet to 5 degrees ABOVE zero. I’ve always struggled with Winter. I don’t like to be cold. I sleep with a heating blanket turned on high for anything below 70 degrees. Wearing long sweaters and a jacket in June is not a shock to anyone who knows me.

I’m pretty certain I’ve made the ‘Guy Next Door’ go crazy more often than not when I plead to move someplace warmer. Two problems with this: The first problem is I LOVE Mountain views. And those views come with snow and cooler weather. The second problem is, the ‘Guy Next Door’ likes cooler weather. So now it’s trying to decide where to live that would suit both of us year round.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week! Now that the kids are older and we don’t have to run so much, I’m actually beginning to enjoy the Holiday’s. I’m starting to look forward to Christmas – even decorating! I’ve avoided decorating in the past because we were never home long enough to enjoy it. It’s been two decades of constant running over the Holiday Season with barely any time to really relax and enjoy. Now, with all the kids graduating, we get to relax and enjoy the Holiday’s with family. Yay to new life chapters!

Speaking of new life chapters, this is the first year in almost a decade that I will be able to celebrate my birthday ON my actual birthday day. We’ve always been at wrestling tournaments for our son. This year, not only is it his last year, but there is no tournament scheduled on my birthday. I even triple checked the wrestling schedule. And I’m still checking it to see if anything has changed. Lol!

It almost seems surreal, but I’m looking forward to celebrating for the FIVE days surrounding my birthday this year. Yes, FIVE days. I’m going all out. I have a lot of years to make up for. I also have to say, The Year of 40 has been fun. I am ready for 41. I suppose I should start my list of things I want to do that week 😉

I should have a party …….

2 thoughts on “I’m over the cold already and it’s not even that cold yet.

    1. I agree!! I’m slowly planning something that may lead to a party. Thank you very much for the early birthday greeting 😉 Greatly appreciated!! I would LOVE to be living in Florida (or any other warm place) from October – May. That would be ideal for me, but not for my Husband. He prefers the 70’s and the cold doesn’t bother him as much. But maybe I can talk him into more vacations to a warmer climate during the Winter months. That might work. 😉

      Have a great night! And thank you very much for stopping by 😉

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