DEAD LIKE ME | Read Excerpt


“…I know what it’s like to bury a child. I know what it’s like to pick out her favorite dress to wear as she lay cold in her casket. I know the feeling of having to choose my own attire to wear to my child’s funeral. I know the feeling of watching my wife succumb to a heated mess as she picks out her own dress to wear and no matter how hard I try I cannot ease her pain. I know how it feels to have to force myself to breathe for months on end. I will never forget the smell of freshly dug dirt or the smell of freshly cut flowers as I visit my daughters grave. I also know what it’s like to live with trauma that will never go away…”

The thread that held all of us
together had been cut.
We were unraveling … 

Richard and Kate had it all

The perfect marriage, the largest Victorian house in the county and two beautiful daughters, Alexa and Hanna. Life was beautiful and perfect.  But like a ticking clock that lost its time, in a split second, the life they had, unraveled all around them as they buried their beloved Alexa. 

Life was never the same. How could it be? Once you bury a child you lose at life, right? You’re empty, broken, numb and … changed. The death of Alexa changed Hanna, Kate and Richard. 

But what would you do if life wasn’t what you thought it was?

What if you were oblivious to everything happening around you, unaware that what you’re living  is, in fact, . . . Not your reality?

Follow the story of Hanna, Kate & Richard as they hold onto the thread that extends from the life they once knew to the life that is now their reality.

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“I can’t believe you grew up here,” Megan said as she stared in awe at my childhood home. “Your family had to be wealthy back then or something. Look at the size of this place. Look at all the land … the outbuildings … the gardens. I can imagine how gorgeous they must have looked when they were maintained.”

“I could live here,” Isabel said as I put the jeep in park and turned off the ignition. “I could totally live here. I mean, not like it is now, but can you imagine if you were to fix this place back up? Can you imagine just how awesome it would be to live here?”

“I wish I knew a rich family member that could buy this,” Megan said. “We should spend the night.”

“We’re not spending the night,” I laughed. “I’m just getting some things and that’s it.”

“Yes! We should totally stay here tonight!” Isabel gleamed.

“You guys, I’m not staying here. Seriously…” I laughed at them. “Besides you two, well especially you Isabel, you can’t go without internet or WiFi for more than a few hours. Out here there is absolutely nothing. Not a darn signal for anything. Not even cable.”

“Ugh, that’s right,” Isabel retorted. “Completely sucks.”

“When was the last time someone was here?” Megan asked.

“Honestly, I’m really not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say my mom? But I would have no idea when that would have been. She doesn’t ever talk about this place. And when she briefly says something about it, I feel awkward asking any questions about it. Especially knowing that she doesn’t like to talk about this place.”

“It’s your childhood home. What could possibly have been so horrible that she doesn’t even want to talk about it?” Megan asked.

“I’m not sure. I wish I knew.”

“Have you asked your dad?” Isabel asked.

“I’ve tried that too. It’s like something happened here that both of them want to forget. It’s hard to think that it’s just Alexa.”

“Something else had to of happened,” Isabel said.

“Yeah. Someone’s death alone can’t be the only reason they refuse to talk about this place. There is something else that happened,” Megan confirmed. “There has to be.”

They were right. But I had no idea what it could be. I was so curious, confused and well … I wanted answers to the questions I was too afraid to ask. My gut instinct was telling me to just let it go. But I couldn’t. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know the answers to the questions that crept into my mind all the time. I wanted to know the truth. Even though I thought I knew the truth, deep down, I don’t think I was ever told the complete truth by either of my parents.

Sometimes I felt furious that they didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth. Years have gone by. I’m an adult now. I can handle whatever it is that happened here. Or was it something so bad, they felt the need to protect me? Well, a part of me thought that was the case too. But if that was the case, what in the world would they be protecting me from?



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