Happy March!

I attempted to blog more frequently and adhere to a blog schedule in 2019. 


 …. I haven’t blogged at all, really. In fact, I’ve barely taken any photos or written anything outside of my manuscripts. I’ve completely failed at my 2019 attempt to blog regularly. I knew my schedule for the beginning of the year was busy. Honestly, life really didn’t become any busier than I anticipated. I just chose to write and work on my manuscripts every change I got. 

I literally let blogging slip out of the way. And it’s SO completely crazy; at least how I view it. For years, I ran blogs as a side business for income. I still coach others on how to run their own blogs for income and here I am – not blogging. And I have SO many ideas and things I want to do too. I lay awake at night just thinking about all the things I want to do with my blog. And literally, for months, that’s where my plans stayed; keeping me awake night after night. Frustrating … lol. And the mornings … I sit at my desk and write down my plans for my blog. It’s crazy. I planned and I planned and I did nothing about it for months. I was excited to wake up in the mornings and everything. So excited to start back at work blogging. And instead I opened my manuscripts every single time. That’s not bad either. At least I wasn’t wasting time. 

So on that note, I’m starting my blog up again in March. I’m ready to get back into blogging. I’m excited! I’m going to really try to stick to the schedule that was planned. Wish me luck! 

In other life news ….

My health is pretty much back on track. I won’t bore you with the details that occurred over the last few years and what I’ve dealt with. We all deal with issues. But I got this. I’m doing amazing. Even though it’s taken a LOT longer to heal, I’m staying positive, taking one day at a time and looking forward to the day where I actually FEEL 100% all day long, and maybe like a few of those days in a row would be nice too. I’ll get there. 

Empty nest life is AhhhhhhMAZING! I can’t stress that enough. I might have some big empty nest ideas/plans on my radar. I’m sure I’ll be sharing those with you because you know —-> I’m going to blog regularly <—- So that will be fun. 

We paused the work on our house we were doing and put all the remodeling, etc… on hold. I just don’t know if I want to put any more money into the house if we’re going to be moving. I’d be fine with packing up some bags and hitting the road with no agenda. That’s just my style; never having a concrete plan. I just run and see what happens. Winging-it is sort of the way I live my life. My Husband, on the other hand, needs to have a plan set in place. So I’m working on a ‘plan’. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just want to ‘wing-it’ with me? What could possibly go wrong?  

So yeah … house remodeling plans are at a standstill for the time being. All I know, is I want to move where the air doesn’t hurt my skin. And I don’t have to live with my windows closed for over half the year. Maybe a place where I can sleep under the stars at night and see the northern lights, and …. I have a large list of requirements for the next place we move to. 

Hopefully, it’s not like my dream I had. A few years ago, I had this dream where some lady was telling me the only way I’ll ever leave this town is in a coffin. Imagine the horror to wake up from that. I called my Husband right away that morning and was like, “You’ll never guess the dream I just had!”

Let’s hope that’s not the case. I was traumatized. I still am.
Completely traumatized.
Probably why I’m telling my Husband every single day that I want to move NOW.
I’d rather not leave this place in a coffin if I had it my way. 

Well this post is turning out to be rather long – much longer than I expected. It’s time to finish drinking my lemon water, workout and head to bed. I was going to make some tea, but completely forgot about it. And of course, after I sat down, I was set up to write in my recliner and didn’t really want to get back up. It’s been a day. It’s nice to relax. 


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