Meanwhile in Wisconsin …..

It’s STILL snowing. It hasn’t really stopped. We’re all done with the snow ….

 …. even my snow blower ….


(Guess who is going to be out shoveling AGAIN?)

{UPDATE: The Official Guy Next Door was able to get the snow blower running! YAY!!}
{UPDATE: Nevermind. He was able to get one row done, then it quit.}

Aside from shoveling, I did manage to get a few other things done. I’ve been house hunting (online of course since we can’t drive anywhere). I’ve found a few homes, but nothing that really stands out to me – none that I need to go see in person. I’m not looking for very much either:

  • Country setting, although not too far from town
  • SMALL house (1-2 bedrooms max); One bathroom; Walkout basement (finished or unfinished – either one is fine) I LOVE the older historic homes – places that have character. A cute litte cottage or cabin would also do.
  • Large/wrap around deck (although if the space is there, we will build the one we want)
  • Garage and/or outbuilding (we need a place to park the RV)
  • ADDED BONUS: on the river

So this means, of course, we probably won’t be doing any additional updating/remodeling to our current home. We will be doing what we need to do to get it on the market and that’s it. I’m actually pretty excited about this. The house we’re in now was perfect for raising the kids. It’s in town and close to the schools; 5 bedroom; 1 & 1/2 bathroom; finished basement with den; attached two car garage and large back deck. It worked well for us for 15 years. Now, it’s time to downsize and TRAVEL!!

Which is another reason why we’re looking at smaller homes. My travel list is growing 😉  Don’t worry, I’ll take you along when we start our traveling.

That was basically my week. Shoveling and house hunting. And writing. I write daily, so that’s kind of a given.

We also updated the cover image for my website. FINALLY we have a tag line. I’m not kidding when I say it took about THREE years to get the tag line right. My writing, when I started publishing in 2008, went from cute YA Mystery Paranormal to something along the lines of ‘Psychological Realistic Dark Fiction’ in 2014-2018. (Life has a funny way of giving writing inspiration – let me tell you that! Lol!)

So here is the new cover WITH the tag line that took forever ….



Basically, my upcoming stories include secrets, family sagas and desperate desires. My team and I sat down and literally went through every upcoming manuscript and each wrote down 5-6 words each story could be grouped in. We then compared our lists and narrowed down the top words. We came up with ‘Secrets’ first. I love writing and reading mysteries so this one fits very well. ‘Sagas’ was second since I have a few stories that will be released as a series and they all entail ‘Family Saga’. And honestly, some of the other books and short stories also include a Saga of some sort. So ‘Saga’ just fit well too. Lastly, ‘Desperate Desires’ is the last one. We debated on including this one, but after a few discussions we were all in agreement. I’m not going to tell you just yet why ‘Desperate Desires’ fits. Maybe you can guess? But soon enough you’ll find out and then the ENTIRE tag line that we chose will make perfect sense.

I thought for a long time that dark fiction fit well. It still does, I just have some that are more mainstream fiction rather than ‘dark’ fiction.  So we’re removing the ‘dark fiction’ part of it and we’ll label the books ‘dark fiction’ when they’re finished if they fall under that category.

I am making progress on getting my books to you. I feel like it’s been slow going just because we really had a lot to do when we re-branded my Author brand. There was a LOT to do to transition out of the YA/Tween market. Even though, I’m no longer focusing on writing YA/Tween books doesn’t mean I will no longer be writing them. I will have more YA books releasing too; just not as many as before.

I talked last week (in my blog) about my blogging schedule. We’re starting out with my personal blog post which will be every Sunday, hence the ‘Sunday with Kaira’. This will be a weekly recap of events and kind of a look at what I have going on. As we go through March, you’ll be seeing what some of the other days are going to be themed. And we’re also going to be having a set time that the blog posts are going to be released. So that will be implemented this month too.

So as of today, here is my weekly schedule:

  • Monday – ?
  • Tuesday – ?
  • Wednesday – ?
  • Thursday – ?
  • Friday – ?
  • Saturday – ?
  • Sunday – Sunday with Kaira

You can always subscribe to this blog below to keep updated. Also, feel free to join my mailing list. AND —-> Facebook. You can find me on Facebook {almost} daily. Link is at the bottom of the page.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and if you are free and looking for something to do … Come on over and help us shovel! It could be fun! Maybe we can build a snow fort, or some odd creature of that sort…. Because playing in the snow is not just for kids!



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