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Kaira is a Published Author, Freelance Writer, Brand Advocate, Photographer, Graphic Designer, {Rustic} Home & Remodeling DIY’r, Travel Writer and Freelance Digital Content Creator.

As a full-time freelance writer, author and designer, Kaira shares her writings, books, travels, photography, DIY remodeling, decor and a glimpse into her lifestyle as she travels into the next chapter in life.

Her freelance writing content focus is on:

  • Travel Writing
  • Home & Garden
  • Rustic Modern Home Living {Remodeling & Decor}

Demographic is typically women aged 35+. The top visiting countries are the United States, Canada, India and United Kingdom.

Quick Stats:

Twitter: @KairaLansing: 18k +

Facebook: Kaira Lansing: 1,300 +

Pinterest: @lansingkaira: 900 +

Instagram: @KairaLansing: 2,000 +

Kaira leverages her social media accounts to share products, services, businesses, tips and advice to her readers.

Partnership Opportunities


Currently collaborating with Brands and Bloggers.


Sponsored Posts  ~ These articles (blog posts) include a custom written blog post, published to my website.

INSTAGRAM Packages ~ Basic photo with description and hashtags posted on my Instagram platform @ KairaLansing.

Rates and payment will be discussed via email.

*Open to discussing other unique promotional opportunities as well.*

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