The Author

Kaira Lansing was born in the Midwest, where she grew up and later fell in love and
married the ‘Official‘ Guy Next Door. (True Story)


Kaira writes Mystery & Suspense novels with a touch of Romance. She is currently writing her next full-length novel, THE SHADOWS ARE FALLING, the first book in her upcoming new series and is also the author behind the MIDWEST MYSTERIES; mystery paranormal young adult short stories.

When not writing her books, Kaira can be found out on dates with the Guy Next Door, scoping out restaurants in search of the BEST Ultimate Nachos.

She is also a Freelance writer, photographer and the Founder of

Kaira is an avid reader, loves to run, enjoys a good whiskey & coke (although not at the same time) and is famously known for her practical pranks involving: post-it notes, saran wrap, a toilet cake and a surprise birthday party with a cake that almost burned down her house!