When She Didn’t Come Home

Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Kaestes Publishing
Published: September 20th, 2018
Short Story



When secrets begin to smoke, 
it’s not long before they explode.


I can’t even describe how wonderful life was with Brock. I fell in love with him that first day in the health food store. It was actually cute the way he asked for my phone number. We hit it off so well back then. But I was harboring a secret from him, just like he was harboring one from me. I learned about his secret on accident actually, but never had the nerve to bring it up. I just let him live his lie. Maybe I should of left him, but I couldn’t. I had fallen in love with the man; secret, lies and all. 

Claire Landbren’s life was encased in one big secret. As the years went on, she learned to play the game her husband, Brock, chose to play. She watched him closely and learned to pretend well; so well in fact, she even had herself fooled at times.

But little did Brock know. . .

she was about to become the coach,

and HE would soon become . . .

the pawn in his own sick and twisted game.

Read Excerpt Here

eBook available on AMAZON


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